Excellent Idea, Ernie!

Excellent Idea, Ernie!.

Announcing PDF for Lawyers

“It is with great hope and little fanfare that I announce my new project:  PDF for Lawyers.  Right before the blog affliction took me I had been planning to write a book for lawyers on using PDF files.  I never was able to write the book (too much blogging no doubt).  Well, now that I understand how to use Radio better I have figured out how to host this at a different site and use Radio to post to it.  So, that's it.  If you are a lawyer interested in using Acrobat to make your office less paperful (going paperless is a dream) then tune in, drop comments, send me emails with tips and let's all learn more about using Adobe Acrobat.  Oh, and of course it has an XML/RSS feed.” [Ernie the Attorney]

[The Shifted Librarian]

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