Unplugged. My uncle used to work out of a home office, back in the day when the way to stay connected with the world was to have your own fax machine. On days when he wanted to unplug, he just unplugged the fax machine. 

Here is a partial list of things I will be unplugging:

  1. Turning off my cell phone (client knows the number)
  2. Not checking my landline answering machine (client knows that number too)
  3. Not checking work email (client knows that address)
  4. Not checking personal email (client knows that address too)
  5. Not checking backup Yahoo mail account (client knows that address too)
  6. Turning off instant messenger program (always on during working hours)

I will also be turning off my news aggregator and not updating, tweaking, or otherwise working on any of my personal web sites.  [dive into mark]

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