All About Books

All About Books. – “The United States is reportedly becoming less a nation of readers. It is no secret that millions of students, including high school graduates, do not learn to read above a minimum level. The average American learns about the news from viewing television rather reading print media.”

“Even many teachers read little. A survey in a midwestern state some years ago found that, by their own admission, teachers were averaging less than one book in their field every five years. No wonder reforming education is so difficult. As the saying goes, their minds are made up so don't confuse them with the facts.”

“Countering this evidence is the estimate that 70,000 books may be published this year — an average of about 200 a day. Coffee table showpieces and romance novels make up only a minor portion of that, so it would seem that there is still a sizeable number of readers.” (from School Reformers via Education News) [Library Stuff]

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