Weblog Policy:  A number of people at Groove have started blogs, and I'm really trying to encourage more to do the same.  The more we live it, the more that we'll learn from it, and the more that we'll learn through it as we're engaged in conversations with our customers.  And thus, the sooner that we'll be… Continue reading people

Geek Squad

“There are major corporations that no longer have IT departments and simply rely on the Geek Squad.” Now this is something cool! And the model can easily be adapted to any town, anywhere. I'm an informal 'helpdesk' to about 15 people myself, and I'm only a wanna be geek. Definitely going to look into this… Continue reading Geek Squad

Macromedia Certification

Are you certified? – Macromedia has a large and active certification program covering its main products. If you are a pro, then having the certification can mean an edge in the job market and can help you to know what is expected from a Dreamweaver expert. Check out the Macromedia Certification site for details.  [Matt… Continue reading Macromedia Certification


Dreamweaver MX Complete Reference – Finally got my copy last night and MAN! is it some cool book. I am not going to be able to go through it all (unless I devote myself to it for a couple months!) but I am going to glean a lot from it. I am going to be… Continue reading book

Pet Market on O'Rielly – has an article on the Macromedia Pet Market application. The app has been out for a couple weeks and getting a lot of traffic. The author, Dean Wampler, says that Flash may be a great UI for complex dynamic applications. “The Flash-based Pet Market has a live, engaging interface… Continue reading

More on RSS discovery

More on RSS discovery. Mark Pilgrim is right on when he writes that RSS discovery is a usability issue. A user should never have to find and copy the RSS URL for a site. NetNewsWire supports RSS discovery. (Like Mark’s Python RSS finder it checks for a tag, though it differs on what it does… Continue reading More on RSS discovery

The Declustering of America

The Declustering of America: “With the new telecommunications technology, it is increasingly easy for a firm to operate in a dispersed manner”.  Although only really discussing geography, I find articles like this fascinating, of course, because today are living early forms of the “next company” described by Peter Drucker:  “By now the new information technology… Continue reading The Declustering of America