Flash Communication Server MX

Flash Communication Server MX. Flash MX and the FlashComm server together deliver event-driven peer networking, streaming-media services, a productive scripting environment that targets networked teams of people, and powerful components that embody the essential tools of collaboration. We've seen all these ingredients before, but Macromedia has combined them to create something different and new: a… Continue reading Flash Communication Server MX

Nokia's Hit Factory

Business 2.0: Nokia's Hit Factory. Neuvo is the humble, if eccentric, technologist who heads research and development at Nokia, arguably the best product-driven R&D organization in the world. Nokia's R&D apparatus is unlike anything in multinational corporate history. [Tomalak's Realm]

Boston Globe

Boston Globe.  Boston has become “DNA xxx (is there a term like “Silicon Valley” we can use here?)”  >>>There are more biotech companies within a 50-mile radius of Boston than anywhere in the world. In all, Massachusetts has 275 biotech companies, employing 27,000 people.<<< [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

Innovate Away, Sonicblue!

Innovate Away, Sonicblue!. Sonicblue Revenue Up 80 Percent “The consumer-electronics maker meets analyst earnings expectations, reporting that second-quarter revenue increased 80 percent compared with the same quarter a year ago.” [CNET News.com] See – it's true. “Those who can, innovate. Those who can't, sue.” (As noted earlier today.) I'm going to have to order another ReplayTV… Continue reading Innovate Away, Sonicblue!

GE to Expense Options

GE to Expense Options. The move by the world's largest company should pressure others to reform. [The Motley Fool]