Instant Messaging And Outlook

Instant Messaging And Outlook. Fun With 'bots

“Thought: Set the bot with security such that it will only give certain answers to people that you have on a list. For example, you would have it set to tell a close friend where you were, or give out your cell number in case they had lost it, but it would not hand this out to complete strangers. It could also pester you with reminders form your appointment book, or to do list, or even take short messages from your friends (if they knew the keywords to get it started).


Friend: hey! Where is Jane?
AIMbot: (checks name against list of trusted folks) Jane is on her way to work.
Friend: Leave Message?
AIMbot: Handjive? (checking for the password to alow this functionality)
Friend: Annabobanna
AIMbot: Go ahead.
Friend: Meet you at Phil's restaurant after work, 6ish, k?
AImbot:… Will that be all?
Friend: Yup, later!

Then, when the user goes online later, the bot lets them know that there are messages waiting. Since AIMbot only records messages from people that you allow, and if you want, only form those who know the password (as above).” [Ryan Greene's Radio Weblog]

Ryan pushes back on my post about rolling our own library bots. His scenario would be particularly interesting if the bot could interact with the copy of Outlook running on your PC. Then it could tell your friend that you're already busy that night but could suggest tomorrow night.

For libraries, it'd be great if a patron could query a registration database for programs, especially those with limited seating. For example, a person could register this way, find out if they're registered, get an IM reminder, or cancel a registration. You should be able to query the calendar for specific events, too (for example, type in “book club” and find out when the next discussion is and what title they're reading). If you could send vCalendar entries through IM, one click would add an event to your calendar.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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