Book Excerpt: Programming Jabber, Pt 2

Book Excerpt: Programming Jabber, Pt 2. Having downloaded and configured the Jabber server, it's now time to put it to good use. Starting and stopping the server is the main focus of this excerpt, with additional information on what to do when things go wrong. From O'Reilly.  [WebReference News]


Tinderbox!. Ceres will soon have a new name: Tinderbox. [Mark Bernstein]

High Speed on Verizon's Horizon

High Speed on Verizon's Horizon. High-speed mobile services weren't supposed to come to the United States for quite a while, but Verizon Wireless is expected to announce the establishment of a service soon. By Elisa Batista. [Wired News]

The new digital home hub

Web Informant: The new digital home hub. The sexy Apple iMac, Microsoft's Freestyle and Mira technologies and delivery of the latest Sony Vaio desktops all portend great things for the well-connected home. The trouble is, while each of these efforts have some promise, all are ultimately doomed to failure. [Tomalak's Realm]

Mac Net journal

Mac Net journal.  Tracking developments in OS X. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]


I think what JD is saying in his open letter to Microsoft is that software products should as reliable as a toaster (which is still a lofty goal) and not as easy as a toaster.  To make a PC as simple to use as a toaster is not and should not be a goal.  Why? … Continue reading JD

Java's “superstar” on why Microsoft's C# isn't

Java's “superstar” on why Microsoft's C# isn't. In an interview with CNET, James Gosling dissects C#, discusses Java's popularity and explains what it's like to be a “superstar.” And IDEs are generally targeted at low-end developers–people who are not experts at writing code. And if you look for tools that are oriented toward (those)… Continue reading Java's “superstar” on why Microsoft's C# isn't