Java's “superstar” on why Microsoft's C# isn't

Java's “superstar” on why Microsoft's C# isn't. In an interview with CNET, James Gosling dissects C#, discusses Java's popularity and explains what it's like to be a “superstar.”

And IDEs are generally targeted at low-end developers–people who are not experts at writing code. And if you look for tools that are oriented toward (those) people, you basically find nothing. The No. 1 tool (in that area) is Emacs, and I was kind of the guy responsible for the original Emacs, 23 years ago.

James is blinded by his own light — what about Delphi, or IBM's VisualAge toolset, MetroWerks, or even Visual Studio. He may be a great programmer, but his brain is totally skewed… [PHP Everywhere]

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