PHP Evolve

PHP Evolve. The author says: PHP Evolve is the ultimate PHP development environment, like Macromedia Ultradev the developer does not need to have guru knowledge of PHP to start developing PHP based Web Sites. All of the PHP functionality is encapsulated inside the PHP Evolve IDE. Drag and Drop code snippets from the Code Explorer.… Continue reading PHP Evolve


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Raw Sockets are not a Security Risk:

Raw Sockets are not a Security Risk: Chris Wysopal responds to the New York Times article about Steve Gibson's unfounded and hyped concern about Windows XP containing raw socket functionality. The “powerful Internet-connection capabilities” which is hyped in this article is merely the ability to write raw IP packets. This capability, which this article states… Continue reading
Raw Sockets are not a Security Risk:


Reading Dan Gilmore's piece about SmartTags I noticed that Microsoft claims their tags and links are stored on a database on the user's machine. This is interesting: What kind of database is this? Is it user accessible? Can it be synchronised with other databases? Can I add tables to it? As a User, do I… Continue reading piece

Busier Networks Create Smoother Traffic Flow, Says Bell Labs

Information Week: Busier Networks Create Smoother Traffic Flow, Says Bell Labs. Conventional wisdom held that the busiest networks would experience even more “bursty” behavior, requiring larger packet buffers to help Internet routers manage traffic volatility. But Bell Labs' research shows the opposite is true: High-capacity networks have more regular traffic. [Tomalak's Realm]

Sites Integrate Discussion With News

Editor & Publisher: Sites Integrate Discussion With News. As newspapers rethink their community publishing efforts, some publishers are putting renewed emphasis on story feedback. Instead of concentrating on building Web sites for community groups, they're looking to get the community involved on the main pages of the newspaper site. [Tomalak's Realm]

Conversations on .NET

Conversations on .NET. Q: Anders, after your work on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Visual J++ and now C#, how do you see programming languages evolving today? Anders Hejlsberg: Jeeez, had to ask an easy one, eh? [PHP Everywhere]


Alot of maintaining Web sites is like librarian's work. At UserLand we have many thousands of pages of documentation. But how do people find what they're looking for? How are the pages organized? That's librarian stuff, the job of a Web librarian. []