PHP Evolve

PHP Evolve. The author says: PHP Evolve is the ultimate PHP development environment, like Macromedia Ultradev the developer does not need to have guru knowledge of PHP to start developing PHP based Web Sites. All of the PHP functionality is encapsulated inside the PHP Evolve IDE. Drag and Drop code snippets from the Code Explorer. Change database settings on the fly, add new MySQL Queries to your PHP Code using the Query Builder without writing a single line of code.

PHP Evolve includes the functionality of Homesite and Macromedia in one easy to use best of breed development environment. If you prefer non WYSIWYG then PHP Evolve is also for you. The syntax editor is designed to focus on the needs of the expert HTML/PHP developer.

The above is a pre-announcement. The software is not available yet, but the screenshots look promising.

[PHP Everywhere]

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