Microsoft starts dropping Longhorn features

Microsoft starts dropping Longhorn features.

Microsoft has announced that several cool virtualization features will be dropped from what was promised for Longhorn release. Bink quotes a seemingly angry quote complaining about the lack of live migration, no hot-adding of resources, CPU core limitations, etc.

I’m sure there are many that will be very disappointed about this move.

I am not one of them.

Even though my business is based on the Microsoft virtualization platform (not Vmware) from a customer and partner scenario I am not looking forward to Longhorn’s virtualization feature set. That is not what I find exciting about the new server.

What I am particularly excited about is the new IIS 7 modular configuration and management, the new Longhorn Core Server free of the usual junk. Given the past year or so, I’d just like a reliable platform that Longhorn promises and they can release all the “cool” features when they feel they are ready.
[Vlad Mazek – Vladville Blog]

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