Some more discussion on the merits of Linux-running

Some more discussion on the merits of Linux-running.

(And since I'm good at subtitling things, let's just call this “more information than you wanted to know”)

Will Baude wants to know if I would ever ask a man out simply because he ran Linux.

Linux-running is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for
romantic relationships. There are plenty of people who run Linux who I
wouldn't date.

And sadly, oh so sadly, my boyfriend does not run Linux. He's a Mac guy. At least he runs an operating system that's based on FreeBSD, which is better than nothing.

Now, he is, in just about every other way that counts, wonderful.
Which he'd pretty much have to be, seeing his operating system choice.
But as hard as it may be to fathom the idea, he would be even sexier
if he ran Linux. Linux is really, you know, just a fashion accessory.
Of a kind. Some women like men with buzz cuts. Some women like men with
body piercings. Some women like men with glasses, or who buy clothing
from a certain store, or who wear uniforms.

I like men that run Linux. What's so weird about that?  [Letters of Marque]

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