New little firewall

New little firewall.
Swetland-san dropped by today, with a Soekris net4801 box for me. I ran
over to Fry's and bought a compact flash card. I've copied the latest
m0n0 wall software to it. Installation has been a snap thus far. I'll
configure it further when I get home, and maybe even dare to swap out
the Linux firewall box for this one.The Linux box is running a really
old RedHat. We've been meaning to update it to a new-ish Debian for
ages. But it's our firewall box! And it's hard to contemplate being
without network for a day. This'll take the pressure off. We can get
our home CVS repository running on something not directly connected to
the big bad outside world.Geekity geek geek geek. [Ceejbot]

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