Lots of comments

Lots of comments.

Lots of comments
in response to Mary Hodder's post about problems with NetNewsWire. Most
of them say Mary is wrong. In her defense, she tried to use the
software for what it was designed to do. Hard to see how that makes her
wrong.  [Scripting News]

was wrong to use beta software for a mission critical task. She was
wrong not have a knowingly reversable backup (granted, we all own this one.)
She was wrong to call Brent a moron (which she has edited, but still).
If this was about a production release I don't think anyone would be
discussing it with her. As I'm all too familiar, the backup thing is
more complex than simply ensuring that you have a copy of all your user
data. You have to know that you can get that data back into production.
It's way harder. Anyway, it's nice to see folks supporting a developer
instead of piling on, although I'm not sure that Mary doesn't feel
“piled on” at the moment. Brent's got as strong a user focus as any
developer. He'll do what can in his usual, quiet way, and hopefully
Mary will find her data safe and sound. I find it interesting that Mary
doesn't seem to have tried to contact Ranchero about any of this. I
also find it interesting that some see this as opportunity to pull Mary
to another product. What a mess.  [Archipelago]

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