DEMO@15! Conference Unveils Top 15 Innovators

DEMO@15! Conference Unveils Top 15 Innovators.

Conference Honors Those Who Defined the Best Products and Technologies
of the Last 15 Years. DEMO shines as the one conference that identifies
and creates contexts for emerging trends in the technology industry.

The top 15 innovators of the last 15 years are:

— Dr. Teresa H. Meng, Founder & Director, Atheros
ommunications, for playing a primary role in creating the WiFi economy.
— Kai Krause, Founder, Byteburg Research Lab, for pushing the envelope
in software demonstrations over the years and advancing
state-of-the-art computer graphics.
— Howard D. Elias, Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation, who
demonstrated the first multimedia PC at the inaugural DEMO conference in 1991.
— Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Co-Founders & Presidents, Google,
for stepping into a market that conventional wisdom would have said was
crowded and mature and demonstrating that smart, fresh innovation can
disrupt a market and create a dynamic and ultimately gigantic company.
— Les Vadasz, former President of Intel Capital, for providing rocket
fuel for many fledgling companies that got their start at DEMO.
— Marc Andreessen, Chairman, Opsware, for his early browser product at
Netscape to rapid Web development services of Loudcloud.
— Ed Colligan, President, palmOne, Inc.; Jeff Hawkins, CTO, palmOne,
Inc.; and Donna Dubinsky, Co-Founder, Handspring, for the vision,
persistence and innovation in creating a remarkable product and, in the
end, an industry.
— Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,, for almost single-handedly legitimizing the ASP business model.
— Mena and Ben Trott, Co-Founders, Six Apart, for making blogging
accessible, affordable and powerful, giving a voice to tens of thousands of individuals.
— Mike Ramsay, Chairman & CEO, TiVo Inc., for fundamentally altering how we consume mass media.
— Dan Bricklin, Founder & CEO, Trellix Corporation, for sharing
his vision and innovation with the DEMO audience countless times, from
early tablet computing to smart visual display of Web-based information.

DEMO@15! takes place February 13-15, 2005 at the Westin Kierland
Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Online registration is
available at the conference site.  [Smart Mobs]

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