Is your Panther password really secure?

Is your Panther password really secure?.

macosxhints: Fix password security in 10.3.x for upgraded accounts.
A useful, and slightly scary, hint that points to some lingering issues
in password handling in OS X. Briefly: old versions of the OS, from the
public beta through 10.2.x, only allow passwords up to 8 characters in
length, but the OS would silently accept any additional characters both
at password creation and password entry time. Your password entry only
had to match through the first 8 characters to be successful.

(10.3.x) now allows much stronger passwords and uses all the
characters, which is good; however, upgraded users are still
authenticated under the old, weaker scheme. The hint provides a way to
check which scheme is being used to authenticate your password and
points out that changing your password in Preferences / Accounts is
sufficient to change the scheme—even if you “change” your password to
the exact same value it was before.  [Jarrett House North]

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