Proof That Microsoft Lost It

Proof That Microsoft Lost It.

I'm setting up a Shuttle mini PC for friends. Of course I don't
bother to buy a floppy drive, who needs these things anymore? Well, a
freshly bought Windows XP OEM CD ROM, that's who. You can't install a
third party driver (in this case, a SATA PCI board because I bought the
wrong Shuttle reference without SATA onboard – thanks Shuttle for using
ambiguous product references) from a CD ROM. How pathetic is

Thanks for nothing Microsoft for forcing me to a) shut down my own
PC to get the only floppy drive left in the house, b) put it in the
Shuttle to install the damn driver, c) remove it from the Shuttle, and
d) put it back in my own PC. I appreciate the waste of time because
you're too busy fixing holes in your product and working on Cairo 2008.
I can't imagine how mad I'd have been I didn't own a floppy drive at
all. (Robert Scoble,
you're welcome to report this to whomever is in charge of blowing the
heavy layer of dust off of Windows XP – someone should tell Steve
Ballmer that's what you currently have for sale.)  [Olivier Travers]

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