More news on WinFS…

More news on WinFS…. New file system has long road to Windows.

Yup, I agree with Muglia. It was a mistake to talk about WinFS
before we knew it would ship. I know a few people over on the WinFS
team, though, and still am a big supporter. I want to store the info
from tens of thousands of feeds on my hard drive and I want developers
to be able to build systems to scour through all that data and find

I'm doing that manually right now, and it's something that a new
file system would be very helpful for. Yeah, you don't need a new file
system, but having all that data in an easily-queriable system would
make it a lot easier to build new kinds of apps that'd find patterns.

What do I mean? Well, for instance, I noticed a few people talking
about Green Day on their blogs (they just got seven Grammy
nominations). Rock and roll group. Based on the amount of chatter in my
blogs, I decided to buy the album. And, the blogs didn't let me down,
awesome album.

But, what other patterns exist? Most humans won't want to read 1,000 blogs just to find a cool new album to buy. Right?

For now, finding patterns in an information store is too hard. It'll
be interesting to see what technology is built to help us out.

Now, you might say “there's server-side services to do just that
already.” You'd be right. Google's new “suggest” page is really just
showing us patterns in their huge database, right? But, why can't I
have something like that for the feeds that have been downloaded to my
hard drive?

Actually, on Monday, we might just have an answer for that too. The MSN search team is announcing something and they have opened up their teleconference to the public. Also, I'll have some videos up on Monday. The upcoming week is going to be a big week for the search industry.  [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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