Help Me Research an Article on Mobile Technology for Lawyers?

Help Me Research an Article on Mobile Technology for Lawyers?.

writing, on a fairly tight deadline, an article on putting together the
basic set of tools for mobile computing for lawyers. I want to write
this article with the idea of capturing the solid, middle-of-the-road,
realistic choices for lawyers. I want to leave the reader with the
feeling of “hey, I can do that.” Someone else can write an article on
cutting edge, pricey gadgets and technological fetish objects – that's
not what I want to do with this one.

What do lawyers really use? Ernie the Attorney recently wrote a great post about his laptop setup.
I'm interested in what's in your computer bag when you have to be
mobile and even what the bag itself is. What is really necessary and
helpful? What seems like a good idea but hasn't really panned out? What
have you used over and over again? I don't especially care about what
new thing you've had for a few days and think is cool – what has stood
the test of time? What tools would you recommend to your best friend?

may try to do some sidebars with recommendations from lawyers, so you
have a chance to be included in the article (subject, of course, to the
editor's final decisions). If you have some good ideas, email me about
them. I'll share a few of my findings on this blog. My article will
come out in print in the early part of next year.  []

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