RIA platforms

RIA platforms.

Infoworld has run an in-depth analysis and comparison of Flex to Laszlo.
With over 10 times the resources, Macromedia has successfully cloned
and ripped off the nascent Laszlo platform – and have a couple of
things Laszlo does not have.

But Laszlo is free and open source and Flex costs $12,000 a server.

There are some subtle technical issues – but in general – gee I wonder which we should use?

BTW Infoworld forgot to mention that Laszlo now is the RIA platform
of choice by IBM. They were working with Flex – but threw it out in
favor of Laszlo. So Eclipse is for Laszlo now.

With IBM's endorsement – Laszlo is poised to take it to the next level.

Here's the story.  [Marc's Voice]

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