An Impressive Car Theft

An Impressive Car Theft.

The armored Mercedes belonging to the CEO of DaimlerChrysler has been stolen:

The black company car, which is worth about 800,000 euros
($1 million), disappeared on the night of Oct. 26, police spokesman
Klaus-Peter Arand said in a telephone interview. The limousine, which
sports a 12-cylinder engine and is equipped with a broadcasting device
to help retrieve the car, hasn't yet been found, the police said.

There are two types of thieves, whether they be car thieves or
otherwise. First, there are the thieves that want a car, any car. And
second, there are the thieves that want one particular car. Against the
first type, any security measure that makes your car harder to steal
than the car next to it is good enough. Against the second type, even a
sophisticated GPS tracking system might not be enough . [Schneier on Security]

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