Falwell on Meet The Press

Falwell on Meet The Press.

Jerry Falwell quotes from Sunday's Meet The Press:

the fact that he's a gay Republican means he should join the Democratic
Party.” [when asked about the creator of “Desperate Housewives,” a
self-described conservative, gay Republican]

“I wouldn't vote for my mother if she were pro-choice.”

“I'm just
trying — I'm trying to do what Martin Luther King did.” [responding to
a claim that the right wing wants to “privatize public policy and make
public private lives”]

“Give the little babies the right to vote.” [on abortion]

you had been the president in World War II, we'd all be speaking German
now.” [responding to a fellow panelist's assertion that “Jesus isn't
pro-rich, pro-war and only pro-American”]

And there was also this
quote from his co-panelist, Dr. Richard Land, President, Ethics and
Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention: “We're not
against women working outside the home unless the husband believes that
it's not the right choice.” [SIGNAL VS. NOISE]

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