Clean System to Zombie Bot in Four Minutes

Clean System to Zombie Bot in Four Minutes.
Amadaeus writes “According to the latest study by USA Today and
Avantgarde, it takes less than 4 minutes for an unpatched Windows XP
SP1 system to become part of a botnet. Avantgarde has the statistics in
their abstract. Stats of note: Although Macs and PC's got hit with
equal opportunity, the XP SP1 machine was hit with 5 LSASS and 4 DCOM
exploits while the Mac remained clean. The Linux desktop also was
impenetrable, but only was only targeted by 0.26% of all attacks.” See
also our story on the survival time for unpatched systems. [Slashdot] [Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)]

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