TowerStream Lights Up LA

TowerStream Lights Up LA.

TowerStream has completed its network launch in Los Angeles and is now looking toward its sixth market, San Francisco, reports Telephony.

TowerStream has installed its first
point-of-presence in LA on top of the Aon Building downtown, using
Aperto and Alvarion gear to sell T-1 equivalents and data links as high
as 100 Mb/s to businesses in the greater Los Angeles area. As is
typical with its network rollouts, TowerStream plans to augment that
PoP with more basestations placed on strategic buildings throughout the
city forming a wireless ring connected through point-to-point gear.

TowerStream is delivering pre-WiMax in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Providence/Newport. TowerStream says it plans to use WiMax gear once its available. 

Currently, their vendors include Orthogon Systems and Aperto Networks for non-line-of-sight wireless connection between buildings in Manhattan, for example.

TowerStream President and chief
technology officer Jeff Thompson said its San Francisco launch is
planned for the end of the first quarter of 2005. [Daily Wireless]

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