Fiber to my home

Fiber to my home.
A few weeks ago Verizon announced that they were rolling out fiber to
the premises in parts of more states, including Essex and Middlesex
counties in Massachusetts. I live in Middlesex, and when I stepped out
on the porch to take in the mail this afternoon what should I see but a
truck slowly putting up new fiber — fiber to my home. Their FiOS
service gives you up to 30Mb down/5Mb up already. (The requirements say
100BaseT, not 10BaseT, for your network card! It's $199.95/mo., 5 times
the $39.95 price for 5Mb/2Mb.) Cool! I guess I'll soon be ditching the
DSL I use as backup to my cable modem. [Dan Bricklin's Log]

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