CSM. Iraq's growing insurgency has no shortage of funds,
and it is waging ever more lethal and sophisticated attacks against a
US-led coalition still hampered by a paucity of on-the-ground
intelligence. “We just don't believe there's any lack of funding,”
says a senior US military intelligence officer with extensive
experience in Iraq. Indeed, the insurgency has gained both tactically
and numerically, with Pentagon estimates of core fighters rising as
high as 12,000. Tens of thousands part-time backers may join in on any
given day.

One of the major problems with our effort in Iraq is that we aren't
using the right model for the insurgency (the correct one is the bazaar).
A growing insularity in senior Administration and Pentagon decision
making prevents learning and adaptation. In contrast, our enemies are
rapidly innovating. Another problem: this model will be exported to new
regional venues long before we understand it at the decision making
level. [John Robb's Weblog]

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