A Structural Change in the U.S. Economy

A Structural Change in the U.S. Economy.

Reuters reports
this morning that the number of new U.S. jobs soared at the sharpest
rate in seven months in October. This is further evidence of an
economic expansion in the U.S., but as the Wall Street Journal
suggested last month, “this economic expansion is different from those
in the past.”

The Oct. 11 Journal editorial suggested new jobs
are being created, “but they are different kinds of jobs. The U.S.
economy is undergoing a structural change as more people beome
self-employed or form partnerships, rather than working for large

If what the Journal suggests is accurate, then the changing nature of work forecast by Tom Malone
and others, may be happening more rapidly than anticipated. Advances in
technologies such as Groove, which allows teams of people to work
together remotely as if they were in the same office, are key
contributors to this trend.

If you're aware of other research
or economic data that supports the theory of a structural change
occurring in the U.S. economy, please let us know by sending email to soundoff@groove.net.  [Groove.net Weblog]

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