The end of IT Departments?

The end of IT Departments?. Read.


My thoughts? It's an obvious case. There are simply too many
different technologies at play to have an expert on staff for each of
them. For example, where I work, I consider myself an “expert” when it
comes to desktops, our memberships database, Access, end-user support
and training, SOHO networking, etc. I'm not an expert when it comes to
running a web server or an email server. (Although I do know something
about it.). So we have our ISP run the email server, and a hosting
company host our website. Those are outsourced technologies, we don't
have another full time IT person on staff to handle them because it
wouldn't make for a full time job. My personal opinions on our ability
to absorb some of that internally notwithstanding, that has been
commonplace all over the small business world. I think large
corporations are catching up too.

What do you think? [Life of a one-man IT department]

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