Audio of How To Run Your Own Software Business presentation

Audio of How To Run Your Own Software Business presentation. Niall Kennedy posted an audio file of the How to Run your Own Software Business panel at the OS X conference.

When talking about getting started as an OS X developer, certain
subjects often get more time than they need: dealing with piracy and
legal issues get an unrepresentative amount of time. (Maybe because
these are easy to talk about?) If you’re a developer, you spend more
time working on your software than you do anything else. Then there are
other very important issues such as customer support, marketing,
figuring out pricing, building a website, and so on.

If worrying that your software will get cracked prevents you from taking the plunge, don’t worry. Your software will get cracked. But you can have a successful business anyway.

(If your software doesn’t
get cracked, then that’s probably something to worry about. It means
you either spent way too much time making it uncrackable—or it wasn’t
interesting enough to crack.)

A panel is too short to talk about everything, so (when I have time)
I’ll elaborate on some of what was said and mention some things that
didn’t get covered. []

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