Your webcast host could be working in her pajamas

Your webcast host could be working in her pajamas.

More and more people tell me “hey, I talked with your wife today.” For those who missed it, she got a job hosting MSDN Webcasts. On some days she has more people listening to her than listen to me (it isn't hard, cause they are getting very popular). Georgeo Pulikkathara breaks the news:
more than 60,000 people are signed up for ASP.NET webcasts over the
next week or two alone! That's just a freaking huge number of people.
Remember, last year's PDC conference was considered an overwhelming
success and we had less than 10,000 developers there. At Fawcette we
were happy anytime we got more than 1,000 developers to show up.

Don't miss the really interesting part. These are all produced on
standard PCs at home!! My wife uses a standard HP laptop — she is
talking live from home. The presenters are working out of their homes.
Everything is connected with LiveMeeting. You watch — and participate
— on your PCs at home. I watch over her shoulder and it's just amazing
to see how the world of work and training has changed in just the past
few years.

Hey, just think, this entire conference could be participated in by people who are wearing pajamas!

Oh, by the way, you're welcome to participate and the webcasts are free! Subscribe to the RSS feed — Georgeo is doing a great job of keeping up the schedule.

I wonder when Fast Company is going to start writing about the “pajama revolutionaries?”  [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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