Apple iBooks Updated

Apple iBooks Updated.

updated the iBook, as we heard they would yesterday, signified by the
industry-standard image of an thrashin' snowboarder. The 12-inch model
has dropped to just $1,000, with a built-in AirPort Extreme and a
1.2GHz G4 processor. There is no way in hell anyone can bitch and moan
about Apples being too expensive with that price, but I'm sure that's
not going to stop people. I mean come on, people—free snowboarder.

The 14-inch models got a bump, too, adding the default AirPort
Extreme (Bluetooth is still optional) and a 1.33GHz G4 at a top-end of
$1,500 with the DVD-burning SuperDrive. That's as fast as the 12-inch
Powerbook, albeit with slightly slower memory but with an arguably
better video card. (Thanks, Raymond!)

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