• Slashdot | Ask SlashdotSecuring Personal Data in Small Companies?

    asks: “I was recently paying rent in my apartment office when I noticed
    several of the rental agents frantically shaking a nearby keyboard.
    Being a geek, I intervened… and plugged the mouse back in. A barrage
    of performance questions ensued, so I checked their system for any
    issues. The results were astounding: Windows 95, no firewall, no AV
    software, and no backup software on a machine containing thousands of
    individuals personal information (including mine). I ran some utilities
    and removed dozens of viruses and instances of spyware. I voiced my
    concerns over security issues, but was told that 'there is no budget
    for such things' and that 'we haven't had any trouble in the past.'
    Have any of you run across similar instances of small companies
    refusing to protect your data? What can I do to convince them to secure
    the network?”  [Privacy Digest]

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