Hosted Exchange Server and the Mobile Professional

Hosted Exchange Server and the Mobile Professional.

jkOnTheRun has written a good post on his experiences, and the benefits of using a hosted Exchange solution, even for his one man business…

“This article has described all the many benefits of the
hosted Exchange Server solution. This service gives you the equivalent
of having your own hardware and software solution without having to
provide either. The different companies offering hosted Exchange Server
solutions have varying price schemes but they are competitive and quite
reasonably priced for the service received. I pay about $30 per month
for the service and all the optional services I've added. That provides
me with two mailboxes in addition to my own mailbox. I think that's a
bargain for the piece of mind of having secure information, backups
that protect all my critical data, and the ability to have access to my
email and documents no matter what computer I use. This has been a real
boon to using the Sony U-70 ultra-portable computer and keeping it up
to date with my main computer.”

[MS Exchange Blog]

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