Jamestown (a great collection of regional specialists, but it lacks any expertise in the theory of guerrilla/terrorist warfare): The
ouster of the Taliban and al-Qaeda from Afghanistan gave a new lease on
life to various criminal, sectarian and religious groups in Pakistan
that were finding it increasingly difficult to survive due to
international pressure. The September 11 attack had forced the Pakistan
government to ban several organizations, close down their offices and
freeze their bank accounts. Many of these groups would have faced a
natural death had al-Qaeda and Taliban elements not taken shelter in
Pakistan following the U.S. attack on their Afghan strongholds. These
groups provided al-Qaeda and other groups with the logistics support to
regroup in Pakistan, developing in the process a new coalition of
terrorists. Complicating this picture even further is the ambiguous
relationship between the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment
and these local elements that have now befriended al-Qaeda.
[John Robb's Weblog]

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