AT. The
main theme of this (Afghan) election won't be reported: it's called
voter intimidation. Both the European Union and the Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe even said they could not monitor the
election for fear they would be constrained to denounce it as not being
free and fair. In the end, they sent some 125 monitors – but they are
confined to Kabul – for fear of Taliban attacks. In the mountains and
deserts of Afghanistan, “security” in the polls will be provided by
local militias controlled by – who else – regional warlords, who
themselves will be controlling voter intimidation. Bush needs
Afghanistan as a “success” for only one reason: his own re-election
campaign. In the real world, what will happen is that Dostum gets the
Uzbek vote, Mohaqiq the Hazara vote and Qanooni the Tajik vote. Karzai
will be their hostage – again. As for Taliban leader Mullah Omar, he is
also voting. With guns.
[John Robb's Weblog]

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