Telework & Groove

Telework & Groove.

As we wrote in our September email bulletin, telework is a hot topic. This
recent Wall Street Journal article reports that in the U.S. the number
of people telecommuting shot up 41% from last year. A recent global
study by Pendaflex found
that with more home offices and increased telecommuting, the boundaries
between work and personal time are blurring. Moreover, the U.S. federal
government is paying more attention to telework in the context of
continuity of operations. In fact, Washington Technology
reports that federal policy for the first time explicitly permits
telecommuting by contractor employees. All of this ties back to a
larger theme we've been talking about for some time now around the very
changing nature of work itself.

Visual Planet
is a U.K. company that develops what it calls intelligent visual
messaging that allows retailers to create exciting, interactive window
displays and in-store promotions. The company recently won an award for “broadband excellence” in a national e-commerce award competition.

In winning the award, the company was highly commended for the best use of teleworking. In its award press release, The Visual Planet team said
it uses Groove Virtual Office to “access files and emails remotely, and
to work collaboratively on documents. Voice over IP allows them to talk
to each other over the Internet, this allows them to have informal
chats even when now working in the same office, overcoming the
communication issues often faced by teleworkers.”

to the Visual Planet team! We're always excited to learn of these
real-world applications of Groove software, not only because it helps
shape product directions, but also allows us to chronicle the changing
nature of work.

We would like to hear more real-world examples
of how Groove Virtual Office is enabling telework. If you're using
Groove Virtual Office for telecommuting, please tell us your story by
sending an email to, and we'll be in touch.

In the meantime, if you're interested in this telework topic, here are a couple of useful resources:

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