Hard to Write

Hard to Write.

I've started with UserLand, I've found it a bit hard to write. I spend
a good amount of time self-censoring content–especially about
blogging, Radio UserLand and programming. I have to be careful that I
don't portray and opinion about something that could be attributed to
UserLand. With that said…

Radio UserLand is alive again

To all of us, it was very apparent that Radio had died as a product,
with only a minor update around this time last year. To those of us
with current licenses, we've seen a flurry of updates in the last two
weeks, including some logging fixes last night. It's been one of the
most exciting and rewarding times of my life. Imagine if you were a
carpenter and you were given the chance help restore a Frank Lloyd
Wright house. That's what I'm feeling.

What I (the user) want to do with Radio

  • Improve the aggregator with more features and flexibility. I'm
    thinking of a way to select subscriptions and have them rendered to a
    page on the public server.
  • Flag an item in the aggregator and then select an action to perform automatically. Think “linkblog”.
  • Make Radio less sensitive to changes in installation locations.
  • Easy restores from backups.
  • Auto maintenance of the database
  • Online scripting training sessions.

[house of warwick]

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