Target: Halliburton

The current hostage crisis in Iraq was anticipated on Global Guerrillas months ago (see Target: Halliburton). The ongoing failure to anticipate the bazaar's operation keeps the counter-insurgency forces behind the power curve in Iraq.

Another example from the AT: The
Black Banners demanded that India pull out its troops from Iraq – when
India has no troops in Iraq. They then demanded that the employer of
the three Indian hostages, Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company
(KGL), halt operations in Iraq. The negotiations to secure the release
of the hostages were protracted, not because the issues being discussed
were intractable political ones but because of hard wrangling over
money. Ultimately, US$500,000 paid by KGL to the kidnappers did the
trick and the hostages were released.
[John Robb's Weblog]

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