InDesign and XML

InDesign and XML

past years I have had a website up were I would post classroom
assignments and notes. The last three weeks has been less than stellar
for me (health wise) so I have not yet found the time to get one up.
(For some reason, back in June my Moveable Type installation exploded,
so I couldn’t just use the site from last semester).

What I
did complete, was a site to let me keep track of attendance, grades,
and assignments. The HTML interface is still very sparse, in fact it’s
barely usable, but the app logic is almost done.

I needed a
way to get the project data in this site into a nice printed sheet of
paper for me to give the students. I could have gone the html to
printable style sheet route, but that never gives really nice output.

I spent today playing with Adobe InDesign and it’s XML interface.
I actually just found that article on, I got my system up and
running by just poking around and reading Adobe’s online help. It’s
that simple if you have some knowledge of XML and InDesign.

XML interface is also very different from what people may be use to
with browsers. Carriage returns and tabs matter and will be seen when
your xml content is imported into your InDesign template. . . .

Of course, it is easy to
go the other way as well. Draft a document in your InDesign template
and export a valid XML file. Could be useful. [Designweenie]

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