Running on Blackstone

Running on Blackstone.
I mentioned this in Europe this week, and as others have blogged it I
thought that I should mention it directly myself. My public facing
sites ( and others) are
running on Blackstone, and have been since early alpha days. I did not
mention this until now because I wanted to see if users would comment
on any problems or issues, and none have. While I have definitely found
bugs in some of the new Blackstone features, core CF (pre Blackstone
functionality) has been running perfectly, not an error, and no
problems logged. As a matter of fact, I have even been updating the
server every few days with newer product builds (yes, server updates,
on a live production box) and so far so good. Blackstone, now in beta,
is essentially ColdFusion MX 6.1 with new stuff added to it, which
means that core CF is for the most part unchanged. All indications are
that they CFMX.x to Blackstone migration, when the product finally
ships, should be one of the most painless ColdFusion upgrades ever. [Ben Forta's Blog]

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