Usability / Workspace Quality

Usability / Workspace Quality.

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Software in the 1980s, when usability was “invented,” was all about
computer-human interaction. A lot of software still is. But the
Internet brings us a new kind of software: software that's about
human-human interaction. When you're writing software that mediates
between people, after you get the usability right, you have to get the
social interface right. And the social interface is more important. The best UI in the world won't save software with an awkward social interface. It's Not Just Usability

Workspace Quality

Someone posted a nice summary
of links to information about the quality of workspace provided to
software developers. “Perhaps it can be useful to other software
developers in a position to influence managers or may someday be in a
position to make decisions about workspace design themselves.”

[Joel on Software]

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