Blogs for law firm CIOs

Blogs for law firm CIOs.
Via Jeff Beard's blog, I came to read Ed Schembor's useful posting, Blogs and the Law Office IT Director: 21 Blogs of Interest for a Law Firm CIO/IT Director.
Schembor, founder of Easy Access Software, lists blogs that he finds
“ideally suited to the knowledge needs of a senior project manager,
director of technology or CIO at a medium to large size law firm. These
blogs generally cover strategic aspects of technology of interest to
law offices, and may also cover more tactical and technical subjects.”
I am pleased to be among the blogs he lists, and I would agree with
almost all of his selections, except maybe for the one blog on his list
that has not had a new posting since last January. As Jeff Beard points out, the list has some notable omissions, such as (here I go talking about Dennis again) and Kevin O'Keefe's lexBlog.  [Robert Ambrogi's LawSites]

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