Readers Anonymous

Readers Anonymous.

mentioned before that I feel this strange emotional attachment to
books. They're, like, you know, lovely wonderful things that I can't
ever imagine parting with. The fact is, though, that I think I am
somewhat addicted to them. I buy books, even when I don't have time to
read them and can't afford to spend the money. I read books
when I should be doing other things, like refining my law review note
topic. When I read, I sometimes forget to eat or sleep. If I don't read
for a while, I start getting cranky and irritable.

Addictions are a bitch, and I'm here to admit that I have a problem with the printed word. I can't deny it any longer.

Luckily, it hasn't yet ruined my life. And isn't it funny how our
society is set up so that being addicted to books is just quirky, but
even a relatively controlled, modest addiction to crack cocaine is a
major faux pas?

I also appear to be addicted to water. If I go without it for a while, I start feeling these cravings….

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