Project Oxygen:Ubiquitous Computing

Project Oxygen:Ubiquitous Computing.

Project Oxygen at MIT is moving to the prototype stage, a “…five-year,
$50 million effort to design computer systems that are as ubiquitous as
the air we breathe and as easy to communicate with as other people…”
it “…is expected to be a collection of technologies embedded in
workplaces and homes working together seamlessly-and often behind the
scenes-to help us go about our daily lives….the project is turning
out working prototypes, including workspaces that adjust themselves
according to their inhabitants' habits, location-aware sensors that
help people find their way around buildings, and computer chips that
configure themselves to best suit different applications. In the
process, the project has brought together researchers from many
disciplines who may not have otherwise collaborated, often with
unexpected results…”
TechReview. [Smart Mobs]

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