The hospital of the future,Thailand

The hospital of the future,Thailand.

While the American President outlines a plan for Electronic health records,
“…The hospital of the future is here today, but it's not in the US; it's not even in Europe–it's in Thailand. Bumrungrad Hospital
in Bangkok is an all-digital hospital, with one giant database
containing everything from patients' billing to medical history to
digital images of their X-rays instead of film…”
LeapFrog Nations.
“…[the all-digital integrated system] enabled it to accommodate a
40 percent rise in patient loads without increasing IT head count,
achieve 33 percent gross profit [though the cost to the customer is a
tenth what it would be in the US], and handle 860,000 outpatient visits
yearly, with the average visit — including registration, treatment,
diagnostic procedures, pharmacy and bill-paying — taking just 45
minutes. …and medical errors and infection rates have fallen. …And
in part because of its billing efficiency, the hospital collects about
93 percent of its charges, a rate Schroeder characterizes as
“incredibly high by US standards.” …”
Via Leapfrog Nations(WorldChanging)  [Smart Mobs]

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