About the Republicans, lying and the latest terrorist threats. The Republicans are protesting Howard Dean's comments
on Sunday suggesting that there's probably at least a little politics
in the latest warning from the Homeland Security folks. Dean's
conjecture, even if it turns out to be wrong, is reasonable.
The President lied about the connection between al Qaeda and Iraq in
order to get us to go along with his war, there was no connection, it
was obvious then, and totally obvious now. So if he lied to get us to
pay billions to fight a war we didn't need to (if our goal was to fight
terrorism, which we are told it is) well, why wouldn't he lie now? This
is something the President should address, if he wants people to vote
for him. At some point I hope even smart Republicans would want some
kind of explanation about that. And Bush should also explain why al Qaeda is still in business, almost three years after the 9-11 disaster.
How effectively has he used our military, our money, our time, our
lives, to make the country safer. And skip the hype, give us some
facts, and don't try to change the subject. [Scripting News]

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