Jeffrey Veen teaches us about user experience

Jeffrey Veen teaches us about user experience.

Jeffrey Veen: User experience is more than design.

Jeffrey nailed where product planners/marketers go wrong. Having a
great list of features doesn't matter if you don't nail the one “killer
feature.” In the iPod's case it's getting music onto the iPod in the
first place, since it ships with an empty hard drive.

Great insights from Jeffrey.

At Winnov we used to ask “what's the OOBE like?” The “Out of Box
Experience.” The first hour of a product's life will determine whether
or not you're fantastically in love with it or not.

Interestingly enough, this same thing holds true for conferences.
Reading through the reports from the recent Blogon Conference there
were quite a few reports that it was boring. I found that the
conference was better in the afternoon, but that the first talk just
wasn't “open the conference with a bang” quality.

This is why I always tried to get a fantastic speaker to open our
conferences. Someone like Alan Cooper. Don Box. Steve Ballmer. etc.

Or, remember the church down in the Dallas area? Same thing. They
work very hard to make sure you have a great experience from the time
you see their building coming off of the freeway.

My coworker, Jeff Sandquist, even quantified it further. He only
gives a piece of software a week. If he is still using it after seven
days, he'll keep it, but if it frustrates the heck out of him he
uninstalls. Getting adoption requires paying a huge amount of attention
to the first few hours of experience. [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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