The Times

Brits to form new deep black counter-terrorism unit (The Times). A
dedicated special forces unit is being assembled alongside the SAS and
SBS to infiltrate and destroy Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network. The
unit, nicknamed the “X-men”, has already begun recruiting and is
expected eventually to comprise some 600 men and women from all three
armed services and the intelligence agencies. Much of the core of the
unit will be made up of undercover surveillance operators who have
honed their skills fighting terrorists in Northern Ireland. More than
150 members of the 14th Intelligence and Security Company, have already
left Northern Ireland and are forming the nucleus of the new unit.
Particular efforts will be made to recruit people of Arabic appearance
in addition to members of ethnic minority communities and Muslims. The
unit would be expected to operate around the world as well as to
counter the terrorism threat in Britain itself.
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