FireWire Transfer

FireWire Transfer.

A few people have written me over the past week to point out that I
could have saved myself a lot of time when I transferred files over to
my new Mac laptop. Standards and accessibility warrior DeWayne Purdy was one of the first, and wrote:

…there’s a better way than ethernet to transfer files between two Macs,
using Target Disk Mode. Connect the two Macs together with a firewire
cable, with one Mac on and the second one off. Then turn the second Mac
on and hold down on the T key. A firewire symbol will come up on the
screen of the second Mac, and the HD name will show up on the first
Mac, just like it’s an external hard drive. The files can then be
transferred at firewire speeds, much faster than via ethernet. (These
are condensed instructions, I’d look up the full instructions before
doing it… there’s a few little, but important, details, like making
sure you drag the icon of the second Mac to the trash before
disconnecting or shutting it down).

So I looked up the full instructions, and here they are. They’re not much longer than DeWayne’s summary, actually.   [Thoughts From Eric]

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