aggregator with a tivo touch

aggregator with a tivo touch. Spent
a little bit of time on my code today, still not sleeping all the way
through the night without a painkiller so I kept my coding sesion short

Here's what I have running now, 2 folders on my desktop, one is named
subscriptions and whenever I want to subscribe to a site, I click on
the orange xml icon and drag the icon from the address bar into the
folder. My server based aggregator runs 24 hours a day. It receives the
subscription request via an xml-rpc call and sends back a message that
pops up a dialog on my screen telling me the subscription was completed.

The other folder on my desktop contains a couple sub folders,, each
named after a feed I'm subscribed to. Once an hour my application calls
out to the aggregator on the server and asks if there are any new
enclosure items for those rss feeds, if there are (true) it the
downloads the files into the folder and sets the folder colour to red,
telling me there's new content within.

Now I have separated the downloading and alert mechanism from the
intelligence of aggregating feeds and most interestingly, what content
to tell the desktop app to download. Pretty soon I'l start working on
the server side 'logic'.

This way I can have my server based aggregator trolling feeds for
certain types of content, making decisions and grouping items, perhaps
even automatically subscribing to new feeds.

If you're thinking “That's TivO” then you get 10 points. Just like a
TiVo works for your viewing pleasure 24/7 by pre-recording and making
content and behaviour based decisions, my aggregator will be doing the
same, happily running in its rack at the datacenter, handing me the
results whenever my machine is ready to accept new content.

Still a lot to work on, still digging. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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